Hi, I'm Kath Harding.

I’m a UK designer and illustrator working out of my studio in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. I love creating design for clients around the world and have a particular passion for illustrative infographics backed up by extensive experience working with research and marketing professionals.

When I’m not pushing pixels around I’m making things out of wood while having meaningful conversations with my cat.

Drop me an email if you’d like to chat about your next project.


Kath is an incredible graphic designer, and an ideal partner for anyone looking to bolster their corporate creative output. She does a great job of analyzing the needs of the project and brand, and quickly comes up with innovative and iconic designs that will stand the test of time. Facebook is lucky to work with Kath on a regular basis.

Brooke Pearson, Security Engagement Manager, FACEBOOK

Kath is absolutely amazing! She is incredibly talented, reliable, dependable, and a true joy to work with. She puts a tremendous amount of thought into her designs to ensure she is highlighting the product and ideas in the best possible way. Every part of her design is executed with a reason in mind, which is a wonderful quality in a designer. Not only does she create gorgeous work, but there is always a strategy behind it, with the goal of informing people. Her artistic talents aside, she is the most conscientious organized designer you will ever meet. She works quickly, diligently, and has never failed to wow me with her talent. I can always count on her, which is not something I say easily.

Meredith Lupa, associate creative director, spiceworks

I’ve worked with Kath fir several years now and she is a delight to work with. Her infographics really bring information to life and, crucially, she is excellent at taking half-formed ideas or slightly fuzzy requests and turning them into sensible design. She also shows a great willingness to keep refining designs until we have something that is not just good, it is great.

mark pack, associate director, teneo

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